Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Scrap Busters!

I have been in a funk lately and not feeling like sewing anything for my Etsy shop.  It is almost baseball season (practices have already started!) and I won't be doing any custom orders for awhile.  So everything that is listed in the Etsy shop is all that will be for awhile.  Unless I decide to make something on a whim and list it, that is :)

I have several bags of little bitty scraps in my sewing room.  I have them divided out...small scraps and then another bag of really small scraps.  People can't believe I keep them.  I have even had some friends bring me their "trash" and, of course, I keep them.  All I can think of when I see the little bitty pieces is how my Grandmas would have kept them and made something beautiful with them.  Because they never had much of anything and they used everything they had and didn't waste a thing.  People nowadays don't think like that.  Sometimes I wonder what the world would be like if we did think like that, but anyways....

I was headed to bed Friday night and my dad called to tell me he had taken my mama to the ER and they were running tests on her heart to see if she had possibly had a mild heart attack.  So who can sleep when they are worried about  their mama?  Everyone else had gone to bed so I went to my sewing room and started digging through my scraps.  I started sewing all of these little bitty pieces to each other and quickly came up with a few blocks.  Sewing all these together has proven to be addicting!  I have blocks with fabric ranging from flowers and strawberries to mean looking dinosaurs but when all sewn together it looks really neat!  I need to remember to take a picture of them!

Then I got to thinking that it would be fun to have something I can work on when watching TV (the little bit that I get to watch) and in the car going from one place to another.  When I'm not the driver, that is.  So I remembered awhile back I had purchased some hexagon cards to try English paper piecing some scraps but had never gotten around to trying it.  I cut out a few scraps the other night and tried it.  It was very simple and easy to do while watching TV.  I then realized that a lot of my scraps were too big for the size of cards that I bought so I have ordered some smaller ones.  Apparently the size of a hexagon is measured on one the sides and not across the hexagon. Hey, ya live and ya learn, right?  So while I am waiting for my smaller hexis to come in, I will just have to stick with making bigger ones.  I have been searching on Pinterest the different ways you can lay out a hexagon quilt and there are hundreds to choose from!  I haven't found one that I don't like yet.  I even started a quilt board just for hexi quilts!  I think for the bigger ones I am going to do it the old fashioned way and do a Grandmother's Flower Garden with white paths in between the flowers.  With the smaller ones since some of them I won't have many of the same pieces, I am going to graduate the color across the quilt. But that can change before I get it put together.  Time will tell!  Here are a few of my favorites that I have gotten done so far.  I have finished a total of 21 flowers in one week.  I hope to get a few more done this evening while I watch the grand finale of The Biggest Loser...

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  1. I hope your mom is doing okay! What a scary thing!

    Your hexies are beautiful!

  2. Love your hexies! I usually do them in the car when we go on long drives, but every now and then I sew them while watching tv. You've inspired me to get them out again

  3. Love those flowers! So cute! I'm jealous of your sewing abilities and love to see all the awesome things you come up with! Hope your mama is doing better!