Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Toddler Crayon Rolls

Today I have been sewing up some of those 62 crayon rolls that I cut Saturday.  I am adding a new crayon size to the shop that will hold the large toddler size and the triangular crayons too!  Today I have sewn ladybugs with polka dots and a construction print with a chevron stripe.  Very cute prints!  I will let you all know when I get them listed in the shop.  I've got to figure up a price first.

Not sure why the ladybugs look giant here, but they aren't quite that big :)

  I am almost out of labels so I am somewhat hesitant to sew more until my shipment comes in.  It is supposed to ship out tomorrow!  I wish I had thought to order them sooner.  It looked like I had a bunch left until I started sewing :)

Have a great Wednesday!


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